Tuesday, December 23, 2008


pwnage MNG purse/bag

item 004 - SOLD

color: white/cream
price: rm50
includes: long strap

item 005 - SOLD

color: black
price: rm42

item 006 - SOLD

color: brown
price: rm42

item 007 - SOLD

color: black
price: rm42
include: straps

item 008 - SOLD

color: reddish brown
price: rm35
include: short strap

pwnage Esprit purse / bag

item 001 - SOLD

color: cream
price: rm50
includes: two straps - long & short

item 002

color : brown
price : rm 50

item 003 - SOLD to Nadya

color: dark brown
price: rm50
includes: short & long straps


all items are from Hong Kong unless stated otherwise. some items are grade A. (yes they are not original).theyre just for teh style and for teh fuunn! we will also include some new clothes or any other accessories as well.

enjoy :)